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Discovering Diamonds in the Rough

written by The OklaHomeMaker March 20, 2016


I’ve recently re-discovered an old hobby of mine- thrifting! It had been MONTHS since I last stepped foot in a thrift store, but when I finally made the rounds last week I was reminded of the many reasons I’ve always enjoyed it!

First of all, it’s cheap. All I need are a few minutes and a form of payment to get myself in serious trouble at stores like Hobby Lobby or Home Goods. But I can scour thrift stores all day, spend only $25, and come home with a serious haul. It’s the most affordable version of retail therapy!

It’s the BEST way to discover unique items that bring character and warmth to my home. The pieces I find at thrift stores are often a bit worn, but they have history. It’s similar to shopping in antique stores; without the hefty price tags!

There are SO many reasons I love thrifting, but perhaps my favorite thing about it is that I never know what I’m going to find. Maybe I’ll come home with an old apothecary jar, a lamp in need of some fresh paint, or a chicken wire cloche like the one pictured above. Shopping at thrift stores inspires my creativity and challenges me to see things in different ways and that’s how I discover diamonds in the rough!

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