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Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

written by The OklaHomeMaker December 8, 2015

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make my Handmade Holiday Gifts tags! Use them to personalize the presents under your own tree, or package them up and give them away to your neighbors or coworkers. These are a fun and frugal gift people will actually use!


DSC_0831 (1)

All you’ll need are:

Precut tags (I got a pack of 25 from Hobby Lobby for $2, I also included a template so you could create your own)
Scrapbook paper in varying Christmas patterns
Twine (for attaching the tags)
Embellishments for the ornaments (I used snowflakes cut out of paper)
Scissors, Glue, and an Extra Fine point Sharpie.

I made 5 sets each including 5 different designs, the templates for all of them are attached below. Print and cut out your templates, and trace them onto the BACK of your scrapbook paper. Then cut and paste them onto your tags. Use your Sharpie to add a hook to your ornament, and write any Christmas wishes you want to include on your tags. I tweaked mine from the templates a little bit but that’s the fun of creating something handmade, you always end up with something unique! Have fun with it and personalize them to fit your style! Happy Crafting!

Handmade Holiday Gift Tags Template





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