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My 2016 Financial Planner + FREE Printables

written by The OklaHomeMaker January 7, 2016

Today I’ll be sharing a peak at how I create my monthly budget, as well as a FREE download of my 2016 Financial Planner printable! I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s made a late payment simply because I forgot a bill was due. I always used to get so frustrated with myself, especially if late fee’s were involved. It was like throwing my money away!! I started using this system last year and haven’t missed a payment since! It’s simple to use, takes just a few minutes a month, and reduces my stress level, so it’s a win-win-win! Links for the download are at the bottom of this post!


My financial planner consists of just these three pages. I keep them in a binder with my calendar, notebook and meal planner (printable coming soon!)

The Oklahomemaker Bill Payment Tracker

This page is my Bill Payment Tracker. If you only use one of the printables I’m sharing with you today, make it this one! It’s a life saver. I start by listing my bills in the column on the left, I like to start with those due at the beginning of the month and work my way down to the bills due at the end of the month. For bills that stay the same I enter the amount, but if it’s one that changes monthly (electric, water, credit cards etc.) I just write “Varies”. Next enter when the bill is due, and then put a check mark by it when it’s been paid! Easy peasy.

The Oklahomemaker Paycheck Budgeting

Since James and I are both on a bi-weekly pay schedules, we plan our spending around two paychecks each month (we live on my income and are using his to pay down our loan). Some months have three paychecks and when those come around we either pay extra towards our house, or save them. To fill this one out you’ll use your Bill Payment Tracker to figure out which bills are due during each pay period and plan accordingly. I set a budget each month for grocery, transportation, giving, and extra expenses and I spread these out over the two paychecks as well. Then add up all your bills and budgeted expenses and subtract that number from  your income. That number should be what you have available to put into savings, pay off loans, etc. Having this in writing always motivates me to stay on budget so I can have the “reward” of extra money at the end of the month.

The Oklahomemaker Password Log


The last page isn’t necessarily for financial planning, but it does make paying bills a lot easier! We pay the majority of our bills online so we keep a log with all the web addresses, and account info we need. I write down a hint instead of our actual password, just to be safe. 😉

Well there you have it! I hope these spreadsheets are as helpful to you as they’ve been to me! Links and printing instructions are below:

Bill Payment Tracker PDF Print 1

Paycheck Budgeting PDF Print 12

Password Log PDF Print 1

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