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In my previous post 7 Debt-Free Resolutions for 2016 I talked about finding a way to visually track our debt-payment process. This is so so important to me because seeing a visual representation of my progress, and knowing I’ll have a few rewards along the way helps me stay motivated! I finally decided on a system for this, and created a FREE printable to share. It can be used to track saving or debt-payment goals, and the Mason jar is a fun alternative to the “thermometer” goal tracking sheets currently available on the world wide web. Hopefully it will help you on your debt-free journey as much as it helps me!


To fill it out, write your BIG goal on the top line, then divide it into 9 smaller goals and write those goals on the lines beneath; you can even plan a few rewards along the way to keep yourself motivated. Fill in your Mason jar as you go to track your progress! A link to print your own is at the bottom of this post!



Financial Goal Tracker

Click HERE to print your own!

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This is the third and final post in my series on How to Coupon (for Beginners!). I’ve had so much fun sharing this passion of mine with you, and hope that you’ve learned a thing or two along the way! Todays post will be all about rebate and reward programs you can use to maximize your couponing savings! I’ll also talk about a few of my favorite time-saving apps, because anything that makes life easier is worth sharing! Untitled

Rebates & Rewards:

When stacked with coupons, and great sale prices, rebate and reward programs can stretch your savings even further! Sometimes I even MAKE more money than I spend on these deals!

Extra Care by CVS

CVS’s  Extra Care rewards program is by far my favorite one out there! Download their app or create an account in-store to get the special members-only discounts advertised in their sales circular, receive coupons in your e-mail, and earn Extra Care Bucks rewards. Extra care bucks are coupons that can be redeemed towards your next purchase. They are earned by purchasing select items as advertised, plus you will get $5 for every $50 spent on beauty, and $5 for every 10 pharmacy credits. Any Extra Care Bucks earned will print at the bottom of your receipt, but watch out! Unlike gift-cards they do expire. “Roll” your extra care bucks by using them to pay for your future purchases and you will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses!


The iBotta app is a rebate app that helps you earn cash back on your every day purchases. Choose from a list of rebates available at your favorite store, then unlock and redeem them by submitting a photo of your receipt. Once you’ve reached $20 you can transfer your rebates to your PayPal or Venmo account, or with a $25 minimum you can purchase gift cards to select retailers. Taking advantage of available rebate offers is a great way to maximize your savings! I’ve even used the app to “make” money off of items I received for free after coupons!


I’ve rounded up the best of the best when it comes to apps for couponing! These free apps will save you time & money! Download them and start taking advantage of these incredible resources!


The Coupons.com app is my favorite place to find printable coupons. Just browse the list of available coupons, “clip” the ones you want, then print them right from your phone! They have a large database of online sales and coupon codes as well. Printable coupons can only printed two times from each device.


The Flipp app is a great resource containing up-to-date sales circulars for all your favorite places to shop. It has a filter to help you search for the best discounts, and has a “Clip” feature so you can add sales to your list for later. It is SO convenient to have all that information available in one place!


Target’s Cartwheel app has a barcode scanner to make searching for discounts quick and simple. I scan every item as I put it into my cart just to make sure I don’t miss anything! If the item scanned doesn’t match any offers, the app will suggest a similar item that does. Once I find an offer I want to use, I add it to my barcode and have the cashier scan it at the register. I find some unexpected savings every time I shop! Cartwheel offers can be stacked with one Target coupon AND one manufacturers coupon per item, and can be used over and over again until the offer expires.

Krazy Coupon Lady

This app is basically everything a couponer needs compiled in one place! So so so helpful! Select your favorite stores to “follow” a feed of their sales, coupon deals, and clearance finds. Browse printable coupons, create a shopping list, and share a “brag” post to pass the fantastic savings along! Check out their “Learn” section for money saving hacks, educational videos, and a super awesome Transform Your Shopping Habits in 10 Days e-book. This is a great app for beginning couponers because it contains so much helpful information!

That wraps up our series on How to Coupon (for Beginners!) If you have any questions, or care to share some of your money saving tips leave a comment below!

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Today I’ll be sharing a peak at how I create my monthly budget, as well as a FREE download of my 2016 Financial Planner printable! I’m sure I can’t be the only one who’s made a late payment simply because I forgot a bill was due. I always used to get so frustrated with myself, especially if late fee’s were involved. It was like throwing my money away!! I started using this system last year and haven’t missed a payment since! It’s simple to use, takes just a few minutes a month, and reduces my stress level, so it’s a win-win-win! Links for the download are at the bottom of this post!


My financial planner consists of just these three pages. I keep them in a binder with my calendar, notebook and meal planner (printable coming soon!)

The Oklahomemaker Bill Payment Tracker

This page is my Bill Payment Tracker. If you only use one of the printables I’m sharing with you today, make it this one! It’s a life saver. I start by listing my bills in the column on the left, I like to start with those due at the beginning of the month and work my way down to the bills due at the end of the month. For bills that stay the same I enter the amount, but if it’s one that changes monthly (electric, water, credit cards etc.) I just write “Varies”. Next enter when the bill is due, and then put a check mark by it when it’s been paid! Easy peasy.

The Oklahomemaker Paycheck Budgeting

Since James and I are both on a bi-weekly pay schedules, we plan our spending around two paychecks each month (we live on my income and are using his to pay down our loan). Some months have three paychecks and when those come around we either pay extra towards our house, or save them. To fill this one out you’ll use your Bill Payment Tracker to figure out which bills are due during each pay period and plan accordingly. I set a budget each month for grocery, transportation, giving, and extra expenses and I spread these out over the two paychecks as well. Then add up all your bills and budgeted expenses and subtract that number from  your income. That number should be what you have available to put into savings, pay off loans, etc. Having this in writing always motivates me to stay on budget so I can have the “reward” of extra money at the end of the month.

The Oklahomemaker Password Log


The last page isn’t necessarily for financial planning, but it does make paying bills a lot easier! We pay the majority of our bills online so we keep a log with all the web addresses, and account info we need. I write down a hint instead of our actual password, just to be safe. 😉

Well there you have it! I hope these spreadsheets are as helpful to you as they’ve been to me! Links and printing instructions are below:

Bill Payment Tracker PDF Print 1

Paycheck Budgeting PDF Print 12

Password Log PDF Print 1

January 7, 2016 1 comment
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